LIVE! 3rd Edition…..Excited Waiting List!

It's almost here! The Third (and final) Edition of LIVE With Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness, or Dis-ease! Over 1,000 updates including new chapters on Electromagnetic Frequencies, The POWERFUL SUN, Your Body's Microbiome, and Neurotransmitters!  Please enter your email address, name, and how many books you may order so we can get the publishers excited! (NOTE: This is NOT a financial commitment, we are just gathering interest, so we know how many books we may need to preorder!) However, IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL WANT A BOOK SHIPPED HOT OFF THE PRESS, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS - But this is not mandatory..... THANK YOU!  Price point will be determined by the publisher, but will are assuming the price will be $25-$39. I can't wait to get this to you because I know without a doubt that when you Change The Cell Context: You Change Your Life!
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